Bildeston Health Centre Vaccination update

We are still all working incredibly hard working our way through our patients groups. We would like to thank our staff and Volunteers for all their help booking and working in the recent clinics. Everyone has really gone the extra mile. Also many thanks to all our patients for their support and patience during this busy time.

We have now started sending text messages out to patients to book their own appointments with us here at BILDESTON when we have the Astra Zeneca vaccine. Please be patient as we are still learning the new system! The link sent can only be used once and not shared.

Please adhere to social distancing and wearing masks. Any patients with no mobile phone consent will be telephoned. We have absolutely no control over what vaccine is sent and how many we receive. We are getting lots of calls from patients asking to book their second vaccination. All patients who had their first vaccination at our PCN hubs will be called. We ask patients not to be concerned about the vaccine for their second doses, we have been assured that the vaccine for the second doses is protected. We are expecting our first delivery of vaccine just before Easter. We will be calling patients in Priority Group 1 & 2 next week (week commencing 22 March). We will move quickly onto the other groups. Patients should expect to have their second dose approximately 11 weeks after the first. Can we politely ask that patients don’t keep calling us unless we have left you a message? It clogs the phone lines which are incredibly busy at the moment