Ed’s September Bugle comment

September is the start of the new school year. Children could be starting a new primary school in Reception, a new Secondary school in Year 7 and a new class at any stage. Dusting out the cobwebs of a long, hot summer break and down to some new learning experiences.

We, at the Bugle team, have realised we need to help with some new learning too. For some time the Bugle has been available on line, on the internet, through any device linked to the web. We have uploaded every month the latest Bugle in full vibrant colour, but have come to realise so few people are even aware of that service provided to all village residents. Even if they are aware, they might not be too sure how to access the web version of the Bugle, which complements the printed one and offers another way to access it. So here is a quick and…

– To go to the Bildeston village website, type bildeston.org in any search engine and it opens in its main page;
– When it is open, scroll along the line next to the title and click on the words ‘news/events’ ;
– Scroll down to the word ‘Bugle’ and click on it.

This opens up the Bugle page. You now have two ways to read the latest issue. First way is on the right hand side you’ll a list of the years where all the Bugle issues are uploaded. You can look at any issue you want by clicking on the year which then opens the Bugles in that year, and then click on the month of the Bugle you would like to read. To read the latest click on 2022 and all the months are listed. Next to September, click on the word ‘download’ and this September Bugle will open. But doing it this way opens a very large Bugle where each page fills the screen, and you have to scroll down to read through. This is not the easiest to read and so we upload another version. This second way is a much better, exciting and really brilliant version.

To open this version ignore the year and month list on the right and scroll down to the bottom of the Bugle page where a picture of the very latest Bildeston Bugle is displayed. All you have to do is click on that picture and it opens up the Bugle in a new webpage called 3D. This works like a real magazine where you flip through all the pages and turn them as if you are reading a real newsletter, you even hear the pages turning and it is in full colour, so you see all the items, notices and adverts just as they were intended! Even better it is free, no subscription, like
some newspapers. When you have finished reading just click on the white cross in the top left corner and you are back to the village website. Please try this out and start to use the on-line copy of the Bildeston Bugle, and let us know what you think. Like many things in print, the Bugle needs to drag itself into the