Coronavirus support

The Bildeston Coronavirus Support Group is a new group of volunteers that helps people who are struggling during the current lockdown in response to the global health pandemic. To get help or support during lockdown, please email:  or call 033 33 355254 (calls are charged at a local rate and phonelines are open Mon-Sat 8am-6pm and Sun 9am-2pm).

Coronavirus support initiatives and information is provided below.

Bildeston food bank

Free food for Bildeston families who find themselves in need.

Bildeston Coronavirus Support Group

The community is ready to help those who need support, so please don’t feel alone.

Local businesses/services

Some local businesses have adapted how they operate to ensure that you can safely use their services while you self-isolate.

Other resources

Useful resources to help you keep well during isolation, including information from Active Suffolk and the Police Connect team.

Parish Council Resilience Briefings

Parish Council Resilience Briefings during the Coronavirus pandemic

Parish Council proposal

The Parish Council submitted a new proposal for temporary traffic and parking restrictions to promote social-distancing