New Water Main for Bildeston

Bildeston Parish Council is pleased to announce that Anglian Water are looking to invest in the replacement of the water main along Bildeston High Street. The works are likely to commence between April 2024 and March 2025and will take approximately sixteen weeks to complete.

The watermain replacement will be done in four phases, running continuously:

  1. Ipswich Road – Newberry Road;
  2. Newberry Road – Chapel Street;
  3. Chapel Street – Wattisham Road;
  4. Wattisham Road -northern end of village.

The Parish Council has emphasised the need for the necessary road closures to be clearly signed with the precise location of the closure and notice given prior to any changes. Pedestrian access along the High Street will remain throughout.

All Bildeston residents will shortly receive a letter from Nigel Plumb, Anglian Water Delivery Engineer for the project, regarding a non-invasive Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey to be carried out along the High Street on the evening of 31st July as part of the design process currently underway. Please can you assist with this by ensuring that no vehicles are parked in the High Street on the evening of 31st July to ensure that a full survey of the carriageway can be undertaken.  Alternative parking is available at Market Place and Chamberlin Hall car park.

In early 2024 a drop-in session will be held in Chamberlin Hall with the Anglian Water team in attendance to answer all your questions. By then the design process should be complete.

The Parish Council has formed an excellent working relationship with members of the Anglian Water team, and we will be keeping in regular contact as the work proceeds.

It is barely more than six months since the Parish Council contacted Anglian Water to complain about the frequency of emergency road closures caused by water leaks along the High Street. When we met Mark Pryke, Network Service Manager, in March, Bildeston was low on Anglian Water’s priority list of substantial works and had not yet been approved. We pushed Bildeston’s case hard but did not expect a result quite so soon!

Bildeston Parish Council

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