Bildeston Parish Council is working to help improve village services for residents.

Below you will find details about some about Parish Council including some of the early priorities for the period of 2019-23:

  • Community Engagement
  • 20mph Speed Restriction for Bidleston
  • New Village Sign
  • Lobbying for Retention of Local Bus Services
  • Water Courses Survey

Further projects have been identified in addition to those listed above and further information on these will be provided in due course.

The Parish Council provided Community Resilience Briefings during the Coronavirus pandemic, outlining important information and advice on support available for local residents. These documents are available on the Parish Council Resilience Briefings page.

The Parish Council also submitted a proposal for temporary traffic and parking restrictions to promote social-distancing.

The Parish Council supports the introduction of a 20mph zone in the village centred upon the High Street and is lobbying Suffolk County Council to achieve this. The Parish Council has been instrumental in recent years in introducing gateway treatments and speed monitoring equipment in Bildeston as it seeks to create a safe place for motorists and pedestrians.

A draft scheme for the 20mph restricted zone is being finalised and it will be shared with the village before any approval is sought for its implementation. For further information please contact the Clerk or Councillor Andrew Guttridge.

Faced with the withdrawal of bus services from Bildeston, the Parish Council has continued to lobby Suffolk County Council to maintain some services, because they provide an important lifeline for parishioners in connecting them to shopping centres, health services, family members and friends.

The Parish Council has also taken direct action itself by providing a £500 grant towards the Go Start 112 Bus Service to Sudbury, to enable the service to continue whilst other funding options are explored.

For further information please contact the Clerk or Councillor Virginia Tuck.

Members of the Parish Council have identified that a key priority for the next four years will be to improve the extent to which the Parish Council engages with the local community. The key steps it has begun already include:

  • Continue to provide information in “The Bugle” about its activities including publishing the minutes of its meetings;
  • Appoint a Community Development Worker to improve community engagement and community support in the village;
  • Commission the production of a new Website that provides useful information to parishioners and provides a positive impression of Bildeston to those accessing it; and
  • Hold Parish Council surgeries and consultation events each year so that the Parish Council engages regularly and proactively with local people about their priorities.

If you have any ideas or suggestions about improving community engagement in the village then please contact the Parish Clerk.

Plans are being developed to produce a new Village Sign and improve the area near the junction of High Street and Ipswich Road. A company has been appointed to develop a design for the sign and proposals for landscaping will be developed shortly. Thank you to everyone who has suggested ideas for the project, which we hope to complete in 2021.

For further information please contact the Clerk or Councillor Ashley Hubbard.

Members of the Parish Council have mapped the water courses within the parish. The survey has been a significant piece of work with mapping undertaken of the courses, gulleys, culverts, drains, open ditches etc.

The information collated, will be used to update the records held by Suffolk County Council’s Flood Management Team who will, in turn, be able to provide details of all the landowners along the water courses. The Parish Council will seek to obtain a copy of the updated register from the County Council once it has been compiled.

For further information please contact Councillor Angela Chapman, Virginia Tuck or Ashley Hubbard.

Work funded by Suffolk County Council under the better broadband to Suffolk banner has now made Superfast broadband available to more of Bildeston.

Although superfast broadband officially arrived in Bildeston some months ago, it was only available to a very small part of Bildeston around Market Place and some of the surrounding villages. As of mid April, work funded by Suffolk County Council under the better broadband to Suffolk banner has now made this available to a major part of Bildeston.

Superfast broadband is only available to homes fed by one of the green “street cabinets”. Much of bildeston was excluded, becvause it was fed direct from the telephone exchange in Hadleigh Road.

Get connected

Better Broadband have funded new street and fibre cabinets feeding Bildeston which can be seen in Chelsworth Road. To get connected, you will need to talk with an internet service provider which will incur a charge or make a longer-term commitment to a supplier to bag one of the many offers available. Start your journey at BT Openreach or one of the comparison websites.