Bildeston Primary May Update

Kestrel Wow Day

Children in Kestrel and Owl class enjoyed a ‘WOW day’ based around British Monarchs. Dressed in costume for the day, they also enjoyed a round robin of activities including a quiz about the history of British monarchs, creating a menu for a royal banquet and painted portraits of British monarchs. They are now making picture frames to mount their portraits on ready for display around the school.

Kingfisher WOW Day

Kingfisher Class History topic for summer 2021 is ‘The Stone Age and Iron Age’. On Friday 23rd April, to enhance the children’s learning and ignite their imagination they had a fun ‘WOW day’ enjoying activities with the aim to increase their understanding of the topic and in costume too!

PE Sessions

Mrs Clarke from Hadleigh High School visited us at the end of April where children in years 1 and 2 enjoyed some great PE sessions with her. We really enjoyed having her with us for the morning and hope she will visit us again soon.

Theatre Royal Workshops

Children in year 6 are enjoying workshops provided by the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds. This project provides them with a memorable end to their primary school education.  In a year full of disruption, ‘tiny plays BIG IDEAs’, will provide children with an opportunity to creatively express their thoughts and ideas, to learn new skills and to take part in an end of project celebration with their peers.

Each group of children will get the opportunity to work with a high-quality, professional playwright to teach them the art of play writing.  Children will learn about plot, character, storytelling, drafting and staging during two one-hour workshops.  By the end of these two workshops, each child will have crafted their own short play and enjoy seeing some being performed at the theatre at the end of June.

royalty 1

stone age 1

stone age 2 1

stone age 3

royalty 2