BNatural: we are back!

mock up of bNat siteBNatural: we are back! (fingers crossed)

2021! The long-awaited year 10!

In order to run this free event, we are holding some great fundraisers. So come along, help us raise funds to run this event and enjoy yourself in the process!

The first event kicks off on 3 July, 2pm, with a Busker’s Picnic Fundraiser at Bildeston Sports Field. To find out more and for information on purchasing tickets, visit the Busker’s Picnic Fundraiser event page.

This will be followed by the Quiz Night Fundraiser on 7 August (more details to follow and will be posted on the Quiz Night Fundraiser event page).

The BNatural weekend main event will take place Friday 3 September – Sunday 5 September. Look forward to seeing you there!

Keep up-to-date on the upcoming music festival and fundraisers on the BNatural webpage.