Bildeston School: February update

Welcome to our new head teacher

We would like to welcome our new head teacher, Mrs Julia Shaw, to Bildeston Primary School. Mrs Shaw is now head teacher of Bildeston and Whatfield Primary School as they continue in their very successful federation. Mrs Shaw is in the unusual position of having to introduce herself to most parents and pupils virtually or through personal phone calls to each family, since January has started with a national lockdown whilst we are in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope you will join us in wishing her success in her new role.

Remote Learning

The last few months have been a very unusual time, and many of us have had to adapt and learn new skills, from zooming at school to teaching at home. Again, our staff has jumped to the challenge of maintaining in- school provision as well as guiding the learning of pupils at home. Our parents continue to work with their children at home guided by the teachers and this is greatly appreciated. We have regular Monday assemblies and during these we showcase children’s work from the week before. We also have a regular Collective Worship assembly on Thursdays hosted by Reverend Elke Cattermole, an opportunity for parents and children to take part together.

Whether the children are at home or in school, they continue to join in with county incentive PE events. Currently they are completing skipping challenges using school score sheets but also personal best score sheets for the activities being completed at home.

Hadrian’s Wall

Kingfisher class well and truly conquered their Hadrian’s Wall walking challenge with family members and dogs! They managed to clock up 27.15 miles in one day to take their distance total to a massive 89.30 miles meaning their goal was surpassed by 3.72 miles – well done!

Talk 4 Writing

Teachers within our school have undertaken Talk for Writing training over the last few months. Developed by Pie Corbett, it is a powerful resource because it is based on the principles of how people learn. Talk for Writing has had an outstanding impact on schools. Schools already performing well have not only increased attainment, but also enjoyment and engagement. We really hope it will be a great resource for our children too!

Work in School

Work continues in school with recycled plastic fencing around our early years and key stage 1 areas. We are really proud of what we have been able to achieve in our school over the last year and we hope the children will be able to get back into school soon to enjoy their great surroundings!

If you are considering Bildeston Primary as a school for your child, do please get in touch with us. When restrictions allow, we would welcome a visit after school hours
due to Covid-19. Please phone the office on the number below or email us. We would love to meet you.

Bildeston Primary School, Newberry Road, Bildeston, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 7ES
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