It has been lovely to welcome you all back to our autumn term and in particular to welcome new pupils and year groups we haven’t seen in quite a while.

Pupils have adapted very well to the stringent measures we have in place to keep everyone safe. They have accepted handwashing controls, social distancing and staff wearing face coverings in key parts of the building.

We have all worked incredibly hard to get the school ready for re-opening after summer. I am sure you will agree, our superb builders have done an excellent job and the building has now had a fantastic facelift.  In essence, we went from a tired timber cladded school to a vibrant coloured modern looking school

Our building now has solar resistant glass, double glazing, proper insulation and carefully considered fire breaks within the new smart outside cladding.  It is as if our school has a beautiful new overcoat, and now we feel the outside of the building matches the inside, which has always been welcoming with wonderful displays. Parents, staff and governors are delighted that Suffolk have seen fit to invest in us as a successful and sustainable school, which will take us into the future.

Our newly beautiful school will be opened very soon and there will likely be some press attention. Parents will get the opportunity to see the new look on a ‘walk-around’ on Monday 21st September after they have dropped their children into school.  This will be their opportunity to pop into the school grounds to see how wonderful the school looks from the other side!!

We look forward to seeing a big difference in the energy efficiency of the school, and it already feels a much more comfortable working environment.