Revd Elke Cattermole’s Pastoral Letter (Sept 2021)

“Always in my prayers, asking that somehow by God’s will. I may now at last succeed in
coming to you.” Romans 1:10

September is here again and many of us have had our annual breaks albeit a bit different from years past. The schools and educational establishments are resuming, and the children are either starting in reception class, returning to their current school, or beginning at a new school. Colleges and Universities are getting ready for new and current pupils. Everyone hoping to begin their educational journey without the restrictions that they had to comply with for the last twenty- two months.

Many of us who were able to take a break and travelled to different areas may have had the opportunity to visit churches or cathedrals. We have enjoyed and possibly been fascinated by what we saw. Many of you will be participating again or for the first time on the Suffolk Churches “Ride and Stride” on September 11th, 2021. Seeing the different churches around Suffolk as well as recording the distance of your journey can be exciting.

As a benefice of six churches we all have our own parish church with their own individual uniqueness. Yet there are times when we get together and we enjoy and share so much as a benefice. I want to welcome everyone who reads this to come and join us at our different Sunday Services around the benefice. It is sad when I hear someone say in one of the villages, we don’t have a Sunday Service, there is always a service somewhere in the benefice, if not two.

We are happy to visit churches at a special time and yet we have so much to offer to each other on the normal Sundays as well. Let us learn to “Ride and Stride” around our benefice and attend a Sunday Service, even if it is not in the village we live.

You will all be welcomed.
God Bless you all.
Revd Elke