Brett Valley Benefice Pastoral Letter

from Revd Elke Cattermole..

Well, have you all survived the extremely hot July and August. While writing this letter the day is slightly cooler and in a normal summer would be regarded as a pleasant August day. It has given us all a respite from the extreme heat and even finishing the day with a small amount of rain. Our differing and extreme weather this year across the world has made us think more again about ‘Climate Change’ and our responsibility for the wellbeing of the planet earth. The terrible fires we have heard reported across this country, Europe and the world has had an impact on us all. This added to the other current worldwide situation of war and pending cost of living for many in this country and elsewhere can make us feel despondent.

But we are now beginning the month of September and whatever age we are, there is a sense of ‘Back to School,’ after a long break. New shoes, new blazers, new shirt blouse, uniform. To me it was always that feeling of a fresh start and in a way we all need to have a time when we refocus on our lives. A new journey, some may be
beginning or our continual journey where we want to build up and have a positive influence on others. In the Diocese of Suffolk there are many parish churches and each September there is the traditional “Ride and Stride” held this year on Saturday 10th September 2022. It is not just those who participate in the bike ride or walking challenges between the different parish churches but the positive outcomes for each church and those helping on the day. Every church visited and supported by whatever means often with refreshments for the visitors/riders and walkers show their own uniqueness and spirituality.

So much can be learnt from these churches as we travel around and learn and chat with one another. We know we must work together for not just our spiritual growth but for all those we meet. We can all in a way take this time to refresh our journeys in life, with the help of God. Amen.

A Psalm of David. “The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein, for he has founded it upon the seas and established it upon the rivers”
Psalm 24: 1 -2
God Bless you all.
Revd Elke