Bildeston Primary School – June update

Greetings from Bildeston Primary School. I hope you are all safe and keeping well.

We are still open and looking after the key worker and vulnerable pupils from four schools. When the lockdown was announced the head teachers from local schools got together, and Elmsett, Whatfield and Bildeston schools decided to pool resources locally and provide care for the pupils who needed it under the government guidance. Bildeston school, although hosting the  provision, have been working with staff across the schools to provide this care, and recently have welcomed Ringshall into the mix.

Our numbers have varied from 1-25, and each day is different and staff have volunteered to provide care on a rota basis. One of the few positives about this situation has been the fact that our local schools have worked tirelessly to ensure this childcare provision is there for those who need it. We have also been lucky that our kitchen has remained open, and has been able to provide nutritious meals for the pupils and staff at Bildeston during this time. During the first two weeks, before Easter, we provided some work for our pupils, but at the same time set up a small working group from across Bildeston, Elmsett and Whatfield to investigate the way we could effectively provide remote learning and guide the education of our children whilst they were at

We settled on a system called ‘Class Dojo’ and parents, children and staff have been really thrilled with how well it has worked. We have 100% of our families involved, and staff are able to see the interesting work pupils have produced, and give them feedback. Children can also upload short videos and audio files, and teachers have even been able to read them stories! We can only thank our fantastic families for their enthusiastic involvement, and those who have had to borrow technology from us to make it work have been keen.

Another extremely positive introduction to our school week have been ‘zoom’ meetings with the pupils. It has been lovely to see their faces, and for them to meet each other virtually. All through this term we have been following a varied curriculum, and one thing we all celebrated in some way was VE day. Pupils made some beautiful bunting and set up some mini celebrations in their home. We certainly are looking forward to the time when @We’ll meet again’.

Keep safe, keep well and look after each other, with love from pupils and staff of Bildeston School.