Announcement: proposed changes to market place. What’s your view?

As chair of the Parish Council I request your views on a new project for early 2021 so that we can consider your comments before we reach a decision. I have been clear that for any major changes the Parish Council will always consult residents of the village.

The Parish Council is considering some changes to the Marketplace to accommodate a social space next to the clock tower for some smart new tables and chairs. This will allow people to meet and socialise, and passers-by, often cyclists or walking groups, to stop and take in the scene of the historic Bildeston Market Place. In the summer there will be shading in the form of sun umbrellas and the whole area will be defined by planters to make it an attractive addition
to the square and a pleasant space in the village.

The marketplace is used for many things throughout the year the Remembrance service, BNatural, Antique markets, and of course the food vans. It is also used by some residents for parking where they have no alternatives, and by customers of the shop. When making any changes the impact on the current use of the market place needs to be a consideration. A particular concern will be the impact to parking. We have considered impact on parking and have monitored vehicles parking in the square over night for several months and it shows that
the square usually has several free spaces every night so closing two bays shouldn’t cause a problem.

So what is the plan?
We plan to close two parking bays, so looking from the shop this would be the two bays north and south and to the left of the clock tower. The area would be demarked by heavy duty planters positioned between the existing bollards running north to south. The planters will be planted with attractive range of flowers to provide some level of screening and would be maintained by the Parish Council. Within the demarked areas will be NEW tables and chairs and in the summer there will be sun umbrellas to provide some shade.

The demarcation of the two bays by planters is not a permanent structure and they can be moved to accommodate events in the village. I would appreciate your views on the proposed changes by email to by 1st January ‘21.