Bildeston Coronavirus Support Group

The community is ready to help those who need support, so please don’t feel alone.

The Bildeston Coronavirus Support Group can help with a range of things, from practical tasks to offering a friendly listening ear to those who would like to stay connected with their neighbours.

Below you will find details about the services that the community volunteer team can offer, as well as information on local businesses that have taken measures so they can offer you their services in a safe manner that supports social-distancing.

The Bildeston Coronavirus Support Group can offer the following services free of charge:

  • Food delivery
  • Medical supplies/prescription deliveries
  • Posting mail
  • Dog-walking

Please email Bildeston Coronavirus Support Group or call 033 33 355254 for any of the above services.

Asda has launched volunteer shopping cards to enable the elderly, vulnerable and those self-isolating to have their shopping collected by volunteers safely and securely. In response to the number of people having to rely on friends, neighbours and NHS volunteers to get their groceries for them, the two retailers have launched dedicated e-cards online, which allow self-isolating shoppers to buy a voucher which they can give to someone else to use on their behalf in store. The scheme has been designed to create a “contact free” and safe way for people to provide funds to those shopping on their behalf and gives customers confidence that they do not need to share bank or card details.

For those seeking help from Bildeston’s Coronavirus Support Group to pick up groceries etc., please note that you will need to ensure that you make an online payment transfer to pay for your goods, or that you pay the store directly over the phone, or provide your volunteer with a Volunteering Store Card (such as those issued by ASDA) to make the purchase – for their safety, our volunteers cannot handle cash during this pandemic. If you need assistance with the provision of food for you and your family, the Bildeston Food Bank is ready to help. Please see the food bank page.