Sesaw news: February

It’s time for a cat’s eye view of SESAW with a story just as good as Ken’s dog-tale last month.

We recently had the delightful experience of reuniting with his owner, a cat that was missing for about eighteen months. Kind people fed him until new neighbours realised he belonged to no one nearby. They asked Mother to check him for a microchip – and he was reunited with one happy owner who had given up hope of seeing their beloved pet again.

If you befriend a stray please ask a vet or rescue centre to scan for a chip and have your own cats microchipped, we are just as important to our humans as dogs are to their owners. Speaking of canines, we have a friendly pair of seven year old dachshunds looking for a home where they can be absolutely spoilt.

Dougie and Hazel love their cuddles but tend to tell other dogs off so would be better as the only pets. Hazel is rather bossy and Dougie’s sight is poor but that does not stop him, although sometimes he returns from walks in someone’s arms! If you can offer this delightful twosome a loving home with a very secure garden, please phone for an appointment to meet them.

That’s enough from me, rest assured the chatty Chihuahua will be back next time, hopefully having learned that people sometimes need to read the feline point of view and a prime example of the superior species is me, Ollie (the Black) Cat.

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