News from Bildeston Surgery

Our workload is increasing at a rate of knots! We are still only able to offer telephone triage, our Clinicians will book in face to face appointments where needed. Remember  you can also use the EConsult on our website.

We are getting more people just turning up at the surgery expecting to be seen- Please don’t! This is for your own safety as well as ours.

We are also getting patients venting their frustrations on Clinicians and staff. We fully understand how challenging the past few months have been and have been doing our very best to work as effective and safely as we can. Please be nice to us!!

We have some good news- our new Dispensary is up and running. This is something we have been wanting to do for a long time and we are really pleased with it.

We also have a new telephone system, our old one was struggling with the volume of calls both in and out. We now have a “cloud based” system and more lines. After an initial couple of teething problems it working well.

We are currently thinking about how we will run our Flu Clinics this year – we will keep you updated with this.

Finally a huge THANK YOU to our volunteer delivery drivers who have now returned back to their own jobs. They truly went above and beyond – between them they clocked up over 5000 miles!