Bildeston’s who’s who

This month a local resident reminisces about all the lovely shops and businesses that have sadly closed in Bildeston. Below are quite a few that can be remembered:

  • E J Raynham, who had a funeral business and also was a builder
  • Stiff, who had a sweet shop
  • C K Squirrel, Corn Merchant
  • Bates, The Baker
  • Sylvia’s, Hair dressers
  • Last, The Green Grocers
  • Prentice, Who was the local Tailor
  • Manning, The Cobbler
  • Emerson, The Butcher
  • Co-op, Butchers
  • Co-op, General store
  • Bantock, The Blacksmith
  • Eade, The news agents
  • Barton, Fish and Chips
  • Blofield, Watch repair shop
  • Healey, Pub/shop
  • Pool, Stills stores
  • Finter, Post Office
  • Watsham, Red House Farm
  • Bennets, Cycle shop
  • Hills, General stores
  • Garrod, Newberry Farm
  • B A Taylor, Garage and Repairs
  • Chandler, Ironmongery
  • Simpson, Antiques
  • Bow Window, Restaurant


I am sure there are many more that you may all remember! Happy New Year