Active Wellbeing Service at Bildeston Health Centre

The Active Wellbeing Service is designed to support older adults (50+) who are currently inactive to find physical activity that suits their needs.

With the support of a Physical Activity Advisor, you will be able to discuss your motivations to get active, different options that are available locally to you and overcome any barriers, issues or concerns you might have. The service is focused on you as the individual, and the Advisor will support you through consultations, phone calls, video calls and on-going reviews to provide support, motivation and advice.

You will be signposted to local physical activity opportunities in your local community which have been checked by our team to ensure they are safe and appropriate. These range from health walks to gentle exercise classes, falls prevention, Fit Villages projects and even adapted sports. Our Advisors will help people to find the right option for you, taking into account your interests, location, transport issues, any additional needs, budget and any other concerns you may have.

We will be working closely with the Bildeston Health Centre medical, admin and management team to help identify any patients that need our support as well as training the staff to have a better understanding about physical activity and feel more confident to talk about it and prescribe it.

Why is Active Wellbeing important?

General levels of physical activity amongst adults in Suffolk are low, leaving a high proportion insufficiently active to benefit their health.

Typically, physical activity levels decline to even lower levels as we progress through old age and are often lower in those living alone and in poorer areas. This can have a significant impact on our health physically, mentally and socially. Through our Active Wellbeing service, we hope to improve physical activity levels, help improve quality of life, improve physical and mental wellbeing as well as tackle loneliness and social isolation

How to access the service

If you are a patient registered at The Bildeston Health Centre and are looking for help to get more physically active please use the link below:
Active Suffolk – Bildeston Health Centre
Alternatively, for more information, please contact:
Chris Lawson