20 Mph limit in High Street a step closer

It has been announced that Suffolk County Council has finally agreed to the plan for a 20MPH speed limit for Bildeston High Street.

Robert Lindsay, County Councillor, recently announced, “I’m delighted to say that, after years of campaigning and nagging, Suffolk County Council Highways has agreed to my and the Parish Council’s request for Bildeston to have a 20mph limit on the High Street and some other roads. This is a major hurdle jumped, since they normally do not allow 20mph limits on A or B roads.
However they will not directly fund any of it, so funding has to be raised and the final details of the extent of it have to be agreed by Highways.”

What measures and their costs to inform and maintain the speed limit are yet to be agreed and, more crucially, how the funding would be raised has also yet to be decided.