Suffolk County Council has been implementing 'part-night' lighting and streetlight dimming across the whole of Suffolk, with the objective of reducing energy consumption, saving both money and reducing CO2 emissions. The County Council estimates that introducing the system will save at least £550,000 per year in energy costs and has the potential to deliver a significant reduction in carbon dioxide.
Therefore, for some time now street lights have been switched off in Bildeston between midnight and 5.30 A.M. every night. Following discussions between the County Council and the Parish Council this arrangement will now also be applied in Bildeston to street lights owned by the Parish Council. This aligns us with other communities across Suffolk whilst creating some savings for the Parish Council.
The new arrangements are due to come into effect from 1st February, 2015.
Please contact me if you require any further information.
David Blackburn, Parish Clerk, 01449 721369 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.