Part A: Parish Council Grant Funding

The Parish Council maintains a small fund for grant aid to local organisations. This is considered as start-up support or pump priming and is primarily aimed at new or existing groups in the community for the provision of new services or facilities.
The Parish Council receives a number of requests for grant support throughout the year. They are normally dealt with annually at our May meeting.  Applications for the Annual Grants Round should be submitted to the Parish Clerk before 30th April each year. Each application is considered on it individual merits by the Parish Council.


Part B: Advice on Grant Finding

Babergh District Council offer a grant finding service FREE OF CHARGE.
Grant Finder is a database with the latest information about grants and sources of funding.
It covers over 3,000 potential sources of funding including information on:


  • European grants
  • Millennium grants
  • Heritage funding
  • Lottery grants
  • Government sponsored funding
  • Training initiatives
  • Sports grants
  • Arts funding
  • Help from Charities


If you are looking for:


  • Environmental improvements?
  • Better transport facilities?
  • New equipment?
  • Village greens?
  • New Premises?
  • Existing premises refurbished?
  • Specialist needs equipment?
  • Project feasibility work


Grant Finder can help  to help identify what financial help may be available to you.

Grant Finder will then be able to provide full details of all potential sources of funding, including relevant timetables, contact names, eligibility criteria etc.

For a Grant Finder Questionnaire please contact Babergh District Council.


Part C: Other Grants

1. AWARDS FOR ALL www.awardsforall.org.uk

‘Awards for All’ provide grants of between £300 and £10000 to help communities in England. Not for profit groups, parish and town councils, schools and health bodies are eligible to apply. A decision is given within 8 weeks and the funding is paid up front. Call 0845 4102030 for more details or visit the website.


2. SITA TRUST www.sitatrust.org.uk

The Sita Trust grant fund for Community and Environmental Improvement projects. Applicants must be situated with 10 miles of a Sita landfill site (3 miles for religious or historic buildings. The Enhancing Communities Programme has two funds – grants up to £10000 and grants up to £10,000 to £50,000. Check website for deadlines.


3. BANKS FOUNDATION www.banksfoundation.org.uk

Banks Foundation will give grants of between £2000 and £20000 for community based projects. Occasionally grants are given for amounts under £2000 where different procedures apply. For more information see the website.


4. BIFFA www.biffaward.org.uk

Biffa will grant between £250 and £5000, or up to £50,000 for community based projects.


5. VEOLA ENVIRONMENT TRUST www.onyxenvtrust.org.uk

Onyx Environmental Trust will grant up to £150,000 in exceptional circumstances for community-based projects within 10 miles of a landfill site. Call 01902 794677 or look at the website for more information.


6. BIG LOTTERY www.biglotteryfund.org.uk

The Big Lottery Fund is responsible for distributing half the monies raised through the National Lottery Draw. There are various different funds to which parish and town councils can apply. For more information call 0845 410230 or look at the website.


7. GOVERNMENT FUNDING. www.governmentfunding.org.uk

This website is effectively a directory which will help signpost applicants to potential sources of funding for the voluntary and community sector. It searches Department for Education and Skills, Department of Health, Home Office, ODPM and Government Offices for the Regions.


8. HERITAGE LOTTERY FUND  www.hlf.org.uk

The Heritage Lottery Fund gives grants towards museums, historic buildings, parks and nature reserves. Call 0845 600 2040 or see website for more information.


9. ARTS COUNCIL www.artscouncil.org.uk

The Arts Council gives grants of between £200 and £100,000, although most grants are under £30,000. Projects can include events, activities and capital items.


10. SPORT ENGLAND www.sportengland.org.uk

Sport England give grants of over £5000 towards sporting projects. The website is full of information including guidance sheets on various aspects of developing a sports facility. Call 08458 508 508 or visit the website for more information.


11. FOOTBALL FOUNDATION www.footballfoundation.org.uk

There are 3 schemes applicable to local authorities – Capital Projects, Goalpost Safety Scheme and Community and Education Small Grants Scheme. For further information call 0845 345 4555 or visit the website.


12. SUFFOLK FOUNDATION www./suffolkcf.org.uk

The Foundation has a number of grant funds available such as the High Sheriff’s Award, Small Grants Fund, Get Suffolk Moving Fund, Working Together Fund etc. Full details of the various funds and the applications process can be found on the website.


13. THE CONSERVATION FOUNDATION www.conservationfoundation.co.uk

Grants up to £1000 for projects designed to improve local environment.