The Manor of Bildeston (Bildestuoa, Byliasdyne etc.)

Saxon, before 1066
Held by Queen Editha (wife of Edward the Confessor) with 6 carucates (720 arable acres) with 6 ploughs (3 demesne and 3 men) and 3 rennces (plough horses) and 10 beasts (cattle), 40 hogs and 80 sheep (demesne) 14 villeins, 6 borders, 8 serfs: 20 acres of wood meadow. Valued at £8

Domesday 1086
Held by Walter Diaconus (Walter the Deacon), tenant-in-chief of the king in Suffolk and Essex, a fiefdom later called the barony of Little Easton, Suffolk., some of which previously held by his brother, Theoderic (tenent of Peter de Valoges from Manche, Normandy, and Sherrif of Essex 1086 (c.1107 fdn. Binham Priory, died 1108)) and some given him by Queen Matilda: son and heir Robert fitz Walter, alias Robert de Windsor and connected to Hastings family (Robert de Hastings, lord of Easton). Valued at £10.
Church, 40 acres of glebe and 1 acre of meadow: 1 ploughteam.

After 1220
Church (re-) built by Lady Helewise de Grivenes relative of Godfrey. (Rebuilt 15th C, decorated windows moved.)

c.12th - 13th Century
Passed to Ralph de Cornhill (unclear why) whose daughter married Godfrey de Lovayn (? in 1219) and on his death to his son and heir (Sir) Matthew de Lovayn (his Inquest Post Mortem, 11th November 1261, stated that land held in Bildeston was for 1 knights fee, and Estaynes ad Turrim, Essex (Eystan)).
His son and heir, Sir Matthew de Lovayn, Knight, born 1237, overload Wykes manor, Essex by 1271, 1277 served in Wales and in 1285, 1296/8/1300 served in Scotland. His Inquest Post Mortem, 24th May 1302, stated holding Eystan, Bildeston (1 knights fee) and Drinkstone (2 knights fees) and other lands. His 2nd wife and widow Maud's dower of Bildeston valued at £20.1.6 1/4d. and adrowson of church and other lands.
Son and heir Thomas, born 11th July 1291 at Bildestion, mother died at childbirth, godfather, his uncle Thomas de Blakenham (proof of age, 10th March 1315 and granted livery of father's lands 28th April).
Sir Thomas licenced 4th May 1316 to appoint parsons of Bildeston and Eystanes and regsant to himself and wife Joan and their heirs of their body (lands) prior to serving in Scotland.
1397, death of Alrainore Lovayn, then widow of Sir William Bouchier, passed to that family: son made Earl of Essex in 1464.

Researched by Brian Weller, 2006