The club meets on a Tuesday at Chamberlin Hall at 7.15 pm for practice nights and also our home games in the league. There is no age barrier as we have players of all ages  so it is open to all.

This year we will be playing in both the winter league and the summer league. If anyone is interested in learning more they can contact Paul Cousins on 01473 658919.

The club is playing in the   West league during the winter and also plays cup matches and friendlies. Away matches are played on the home teams club night. The club played in and won group E this summer. The winning teams from each group will compete in the finals night to  decide the overall winner. This is the second year running that the club has won its league. Full details can be found using the link below.

Suffolk carpet bowls association can be found on this LINK which gives information on the leagues and clubs. For the league tables click HERE                           

                                 BILDESTON CARPET BOWLS WINTER FIXTURES 2016/17.



TUESDAY 13TH.                      TOSTOCK                                                   HOME.

WEDNESDAY 21ST.                BARROW.                   lost 8 - 2               AWAY.

TUESDAY 27TH.                      HOGGARDS GREEN.   WON 6 - 4           HOME.

OCTOBER 4TH.                       ROLL UP.

TUESDAY 11TH.                     WOOLPIT.                                                  HOME.

MONDAY 17TH.                     HUNDON.                                                  AWAY.

TUESDAY 25TH.                     BROCKLEY. (cup)                                       AWAY.

MONDAY 31ST.                     COCKFIELD.                                                AWAY.

NOVEMBER 8TH.                  ROLL UP.

TUESDAY 15TH.                    roll up

TUESDAY 22ND.                    STANNINGFIELD.                                       HOME.

TUESDAY 29TH.                    BROCKLEY (cup)                                         HOME



TUESDAY 13TH.                    NEEDHAM MARKET.                                 AWAY.

TUESDAY 20th                     BROCKLEY                                                   AWAY 

JANUARY 3RD.                      CLUB PAIRS COMPETION                         HOME.

TUESDAY 10TH.                    BROCKLEY                                                   HOME.

THURSDAY 19TH.                 STANNINGFIELD.                                       AWAY.

TUESDAY 24TH.                    HUNDON.                                                   HOME.

TUESDAY 31ST.                    HOGGARDS GREEN                                   AWAY.


TUESDAY 7TH.                     BARROW.                                                     HOME.


TUESDAY 21ST.                   NEEDHAM MARKET.                                  HOME.



MONDAY 6TH.                    CUP?                                              NEEDHAM MARKET.

WEDNESDAY 15TH.            CUP?                                             NEEDHAM MARKET.

TUESDAY 21ST.                   COCKFIELD.                                                  HOME.

TUESDAY 28TH.                  WOOLPIT.                                                     AWAY.